Furever West

Want to Exhibit in Furever West

Show Floor Areas


Cosplay  and fursuiting dress up as your favorite characters!

Artists Alley

Show your work, let everyone see

Q&A Panels

let everyone know what you know!
If you are interested in a  hosting a panel Email us at

Vendors Booths

Display your wares. get the coins
Vendor Applications open if you are interested please contact us at


September 24th
5:30pm to 7pm -- Registration Open
6:30-9: Guest of honor dinner.
Saturday, September 25th
9am-2pm: Registration open
9am-9pm: Dealers den open
10am - 10:30: Opening Ceremonies
11am - 11:30: Fursuit Parade
12pm: Waggery's method for fursuit Building
1pm: How to start art with cloud kline
2pm: Werewolf Games with Asher Novak
3pm-5pm: Create your own badges.
5pm: Charity Auction (donations accepted)
6pm - 6:30pm: Closing Ceremonies
6:30pm - 9pm: Event Space Open for being Fuzzy and Social!

Sunday, September 26th
10am-2pm: registration desk open
10am-8pm: Event Space Open for being Fuzzy and Social!
10am-8pm: dealers den open
12pm: tik tok panel with cappy
2pm: If you give a furry a fursuit with tariq vanfox and cloud kline

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